DIY Birthday Party

Looking for a fun and cost effective way to celebrate your child’s birthday?  Why not host a “flower child” party?

Awhile back we did this for my youngest daughter and she and her girlfriends loved it. The kids get to create their own party favor while chit-chatting with one another and then relax and enjoy the beauty of their creations.  


– Small clay pot. One for each guest. These can be found at any craft or hardware store.

-Scissors/clippers. Again once for each guest.

-“Wet” floral foam

– Moss

– Fresh floral.  Any kind will do.  However if you stick with Asltromeria, Mums, and Daisies they will last longer and will be easier for the kids to use.




1. Cut the floral foam to size so that it easily fits inside pot. Once it’s been sized soak the foam in water and then put back inside the pot. *Pro Tip- Be sure to the let the foam soak up the water on it’s own. If you push it down into the water, it will create air pockets and the foam will not be fully saturated.


2. Using the clippers, cut your stems to length and gently insert into the foam.  This is a great time to let the kids be creative and reassure them that this does not have be perfect because “Mother Nature” is perfectly imperfect. 

3. Once you have the tallest stems in place, add some wet moss to cover the floral foam and fill in any gaps.

4. After the foam is in place, add additional flowers in lower spots to fill in any “negative” space.

5. Add all of the floral pieces to your tables and celebrate with ice cream!

Have fun and enjoy! Let us know how it turned out at