COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 continues to evolve and affect our daily lives I wanted to reach out to you and provide some information regarding how Simply Flowers is adjusting, so that our valued clients can find answers to any questions they may have.

  1.  Our primary concern is the health of our clients, vendors, staff and community.
  2. Simply Flowers continues to operate normally with additional safety precautions in place. We are still taking orders for daily deliveries, gifts, weddings and events.  You can place your order via our website or phone.
  3. If clients are uncomfortable meeting in person, we more than happy to “meet” via Skype, Facetime, or chat over the telephone.  We work with out-of-state clients all the time and these methods work well.
  4. If you need to postpone your wedding or event we are more than happy to work with you on selecting a new date and will honor contract pricing.  In addition, we will provide you an additional $100 credit to use in the future to help offset any frustration and disappointment. Because Simply Flowers has commitments to our staff and vendors, all payments and retainer fees remain non-refundable as noted in our contract for service. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.
  5. We are temporarily extending our final payment deadline from 21 days before the event to 10 days before the event so that this helps our clients manage changing RSVP numbers.
  6. We do ask that you keep your payment schedule as this will help Simply Flowers maintain continuity for our clients, staff and vendors who all depend on us.
  7. As this situation is extremely dynamic and appears to change hourly know that we are also prepared to evolve and change as the need arrives.
  8. We understand that this is a stressful time, especially for our young couples.  However, we also know that this is a temporary situation and we are hopeful it will end sooner rather than later.  We are continuously evaluating what is best for everyone while simultaneously working incredibly hard on behalf of our clients and families. We are sensitive to how disappointing this is for everyone and we will do our part to extend grace and compassion to all. We encourage everyone to do the same.
  9. While COVID-19 is disrupting all of our lives through no one’s fault, we are committed to helping our neighbors and community. If you know anyone who needs a ride to the grocery store or doctor, a box of food, or anything else please feel free reach out to us at 559-276-1200 so we can try and assist.
  10. Above all, we sincerely appreciate all of our clients and everyone who continues to support us.  If we all work together we can come out the other side stronger. 

Namaste and “fist bump”,

Mariah Walton- Owner

10 Ways to save money on Wedding Flowers

With the average cost of a wedding upwards of $38,000 and only increasing, we’ve found a 10 ways to make your wedding flowers more affordable.
  1. Limit Your Guest Count. This one is pretty obvious. The more guests you have, the more tables you will need. Which will mean the need for more centerpieces.  Keep you guest count to a minimum and save costs.  You can also ask your venue if they seat 10 guests to a table vs. 8.  This will also help you save costs.
  2. Keep Your Bridal Party Small.  The more bridesmaids and groomsmen that are in your wedding the more bouquets and boutonnieres you will need.  Simple enough.
  3.  Garlands Are Pretty But…Expensive.  So many clients think that because it’s “just greenery” means it should be cheap.  Garlands require A LOT of material and are hand-tied which requires A LOT of labor. They are deceptively expensive.  Instead, opt for loose leaves of various types of greenery.  Adding different varieties will add texture and when you lay the various stems across one another it gives the same look as a garland but with much less material and labor needed saving you money.                                                   
  4.  The Candle Myth. There is no doubt about it, candles are stunning and I love them. But they are not cheap.  All those candlescapes you see on Pinterest are crazy money.  Instead of buying them yourself ask your florist if they rent candles.  Often times, the large pillar candles can be used multiple times saving you money. Another option is to choose floating candles over pillars and taper candles.  Floating candles are considerably less expensive and look just as beautiful.
  5. Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle. Rent your vessels from your florist or better yet, ask if your florist charges a rental fee. At Simply Flowers, we don’t charge a rental fee when you order your flowers from us.  But for all the crafty brides who want to “DIY” things it will almost always be less expensive to rent your items than buy them individually.  Plus, what are you going to do with all of those items after the wedding is over?
  6.  Double Dip. When adding floral to your ceremony space think how you can reuse them in the reception area.  For example, use your arch piece(s) on your head table.  This way you can have statement piece in both areas and it’s honestly like getting a BOGO.  If using lanterns down the aisle repurpose them as centerpieces on your guest tables and so forth. Be sure to ask you florist for additional ways to double dip your ceremony décor. They will be happy to help.
  7.  Limit Premium Blooms. Garden roses, Peonies, Ranunculus, Bleached Floral and other premium blooms are truly beautiful but come at a cost.  I strongly believe that the brides bouquet should be how she has always dreamed it to be but to save money, limit or substitute those blooms in the bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces.  There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to floral choices so be sure to lean on your florist for their guidance.
  8. Keep It Simple.  The more variety of floral in the bouquets and centerpieces, the higher the cost. For example, if your bouquet has 10 different types of flowers vs. only 3 types it will be much higher in cost even if there are only a few stems of each. Why? Because your florist must bring in entire bunches of each type of floral and some of those bunches have as many as 25 stems. Those costs will be passed onto you.  Keeping your bouquet simple, with lush Hydrangeas, roses, and greenery will give the bride’s bouquet the same fullness as those fancy ones on Pinterest but for about 1/2 the cost.                                                                                                                              
  9.  Talk Budget. Be Flexible. Pinterest is great at providing inspiration but not great about keeping budgets realistic.  Often times, clients come into meet with us and walk away totally deflated.  Flowers are expensive and are only getting higher.  Having an open line of communication about your budget with your florist is key.  Being flexible is even more so.  No one likes to talk about their budget but there is nothing embarrassing about it.  When you florist knows what your budget is, they can often times provide suggestions that will give you the same aesthetic at a lower cost. Having an open mind and understanding that there are other options provides the groundwork for staying within your price point and helps avoid “buyers remorse” and disappointment.  Your florist has been doing this for years, rely on them and use them as a resource.
  10.  Packages. More often than not, florists will have packages that are created at terrific price points.  If there aren’t quite what you need, just ask!  A florist’s job is create beautiful memories, so don’t be afraid to ask how you can customize any less expensive packages so that they are exactly what you need.